How to make a website with Drupal content management system

Installing Drupal Yourself is Easy!Installing Drupal Yourself is Easy!

Drupal is fairly easy to install, and most Linux based web hosting companies offer an easy to run automated installation.

Drupal offers support for Microsoft IIS but it is commonly used on LAMP servers. LAMP is an acronym for Linux Apache MySQL PHP.  Drupal uses the MySQL database to hold the data contained in the website and the site is based on PHP.

You do not need an in-depth knowledge of Linux and LAMP to use Drupal, but if you would like to learn more you can check out  LAMP technologies take websites beyond HTML.

Look around the Drupal community to get an understanding of what you can do to expand your Drupal install beyond the basic package.

Modules are the blocks of code that allow Drupal to perform its tasks.  Basic modules can be activated to use Drupal as an online forum or blog.

Scalable feature sets are implemented through plug-ins or modules that are developed independently of the Content Management System. Additional features can be easily installed to extend functionality of the site without having to do a major rebuild.

Thousands of modules can be downloaded for free from the Drupal website to allow Drupal to do just about anything possible with a website.

Themes are the blocks of code that give Drupal its look and feel.  The basic software comes with a few themes that can be changed to various color schemes. There are hundreds of themes that can be downloaded for free from the Drupal website.'

How much will building a Drupal website cost me?

Drupal is a free open source content management system. There is no cost for the basic software that runs on your server. Because it is open source there is a very active community of programmers and developers that volunteer their time in constantly improving the software and contributing free themes and modules.

Like many open source applications there is a wide variety of resources available such as an online community with numerous free resources. If you want to learn Drupal in depth, it has a professional and helpful support community at where you can find help quickly and easily online.

If you don't want to get too much into the development of Drupal, most web hosting companies have easy to install Drupal scripts available. There are many web hosting companies that specifically offer Drupal hosting, as well as numerous developers and programmers offering their services for a fee, and selling custom themes.

Drupal Gardens is a website where you can test and experiment with Drupal for free.  If decide to expand your play site into a large commercial enterprise, Drupal Gardens allows you to upgrade your free site to various business levels for a reasonable cost.

Drupal is open source software, developed openly by developers, with source code shared on the internet. Drupal Gardens is run by Acquia, a commercial business owned by the creators of Drupal.

Drupal Website Building Notes

I began using Drupal with version 6.  The administrative interface was often criticized as not being user friendly, to learn it you need to invest some time.

Drupal version 7 was released in 2011. All my sites developed after 2011 began using version 7. Older sites were all eventually moved from Drupal version 6 to version 7. Drupal version 7 made site management much easier than version 6 with a much cleaner administrative interface and a much improved update process.

Version 8 is currently in development. If Drupal keeps going as it is now it will separate itself from the pack of content management systems.

The website Philosophyguru's Drupal Playground  is my online sandbox to test ideas and make notes on Drupal issues.  The notes on Philosophyguru's Drupal Playground  are not a complete outline of issues, but represent a live notebook of sorts for recording ideas and issues.